Control REAPER with the AKAI MIDIMix without using OSC or similar bridge software

The requirement was a REAPER project for DUB mixing controlled with an AKAI MIDIMix

The use of the osciibot as bridge will degrade the portablility, as it runs on windows
and mac, but not on linux, or me beloved raspberry. So i figured this out to make at
least a template that can handle fades, knobs buttons for eight tracks
for the eight channels of the MIDIMix

in short
this is nailed to 8 media tracks and 3 parallel FX (volumecontrolled) and 1 parallel FX on/off

for the longer version you can read the meanderings that follow

so This layout is fixed to 8 audiotracks

Runs with a mint REAPER . I recommend using a portable installation.

you can install a new portable REAPER or start REAPER with parameter -cfgfile followed
by full path of a directory including reaper.ini f.i. "reaper -cfgfile d:\reaper_dub\reaper.ini"

Import the Dub_TrackHell_FX4_MIDIMix.ReaperConfigZip

Plugin your MIDIMix (standard layout), set it as FIRST !! input and output MIDIdevice.
This is the 0 in REAPER. Let it get the control-messages as well
don't load OSC or similar for the MIDIMix, don't let other software take^
contact to the MIDIMix while using it with REAPER.

For a new Project a Project-template is loaded with the all the needed stuff

there are many actions bound to faders and knobs.
the mute and recarm buttons are bound to scripts that do their thing AND set the LED Lights

this setup uses a complexish reaper project with a bunch of tracks.
the First 8 tracks are the Main tracks, that hold audio and are controlled
by the MIDIMix-fader and the MUTE / SOLO button.

Each of thess Tracks has Sends. Those Sends are routed postfader to
helptracks that are routed to the FX Tracks 9-12

i try to describe it for the first effect on TRACK 1

i made these routings for all three knobs on the first 8 Tracks.
that is while i call this TrackHell

now to the mute and recarm knobs
The mute buttons are bound to scripts that mute the track AND take care of the LED.
The recarm buttons are bound to scripts that take care of the "send to FX4"
(switches mute state for the send) AND take care of the LED.

i made a toolbar (1) that shows the mute reacarm and solo buttons
The togglestate will be obeyed by the scripts so the toolbar shows the actuall togglestates if you toggle with the MIDIMix.

The bindings are all without softtakeover, so you hear what you see onthe MIDIMix directly.
The project-template starts with all faders down, no Mute, no Solo, the send in Track 38 to 45 are muted, so no FX4 effect.

there an option to use the sends even if the mute is set. THIS IS SET ALREADY SET
you will find it in the mute settings

and you can hide those help tracks and the fx busses to make it easier for the eyes
there is an option in the REAPER preferences Track control Panel settings concerning the fader.
setting this to "max prec at 0DB.." will enhance the usable faderway on the MIDIMix. THIS IST ALREADY SET
(*) will deselect all tracks, items and envelopes before it plays or stops

To make things clear or to encourage further madness