ACTUAL THE RECARM LED isn't lit when recarm does its work as sendmuteswitcher. I'M WORKING ON It

so .. the content of 'REAPER OSC' goes to the REAPER RESOURCE Directory OSC , %appdata%\REAPER\OSC

the 'REAPER scripts' , are eight scripts you have to load as actions (*)

the 'demo project_mm_3knobs_4 fx_recarm.zip' is a demo project ,

'MidiMixControlAllKnobsNosoftTakeover_recarmII.zip' is the midimix..txt and goes to %appdata%\oscii-bot
be sure that other that deal with the midix are not in this folder.

it contains the midimix....txt that does the dialing and calls the actions at recarm
better take care and obey the other tips i wrote in the forum

so each recarm on each track mutes the send for channels 9/10 or send 4 channel9/10 is routed volume 100% to the fx4 bus
here a picture , i made a toolbar to get local acces to the dub-lua-scripts 1 to 8 for testing without a midimix
(*) the very first version of this had a little error, please reload them if you have problems