so .. the content of 'REAPER OSC content' goes to the REAPER RESOURCE Directory OSC , %appdata%\REAPER\OSC

the 'REAPER scripts' are two scripts you have to load as actions

the 'demoproject' is a demo project ,

'roaming oscii-bot content' goes to %appdata%\oscii-bot
it contains the midimix.txt that does the dialing and calls the actions you created when loading the two scripts
if the id's are wrong you have to change them in the midimix..txt line 314 and 324

better take care and obey the other tips i wrote in the forum

the recarm on track 1 and 2 are special with this
recarm on track 1 changes the routing of knob 3 on all tracks to the FX4 bus, and the reacarm on track1 is lit
recarm on track 2 switches back so the knob 3 routes to Reverb-bus, and the recarm on track 1 is dark

the 'midimix_3_knobs_4_fx.zip' is all in one zip, ~ 59 MB