so .. i made this version with 3 fx mute and solo like the others
the recarms switches fx (here vsti followed by other fx) on tracks (here tracks that contain midiitems) on and of
each recarm has its own synthtrack
the synthtracks play all the time, only the vsti is switch on and off
switching a vsti off or on while playing may cause pops and crackled


make a portable installation (put your reaperlicense into that portable folder) and
import the config file in the portable installation

running this should open the template

'the midimix has to be the first mididevice

all sliders and knobs should be down btw. left

hit BANK LEFT (cursor to the beginning) and BANK RIGHT (start playing)

the demoproject has explicit stuff in it as it is sampled from this deadmau5 video

drag sliders
wiggle knobs
mute and solo

press reacarm buttons and listen to wonderful noises created by the reasynthtracks with some effects

the routing and the assigned actions are matched to exactly this project
for own projects you have to check the midi assignments for the actions and edit the recarm scripts .

Best practice for new own projects would be to focus on one track (though make 8 tracks to start isn't the worst idea)
make a head about signal routing
apply a working signal routing
make the assignments to the knobs
edit the recarm scripts as needed

and have fun
and remember : If you are not a daw pro after learning -beep- reaper then, you know, there's something wrong with you"