so .. you want to get a little more dynamics into a track with a RS5K drumset ?
this was asked in the REAPER forum

though there is a solution posted in the thread, i wasted some time to get things done.
and made the midi_snare_note_pitcher_random_bobobo, the midi_snare_note_pitcher_manual_bobobo
sets the pitchbend-values manual. the midi_snare_note_pitcher_random_bobobo is a jsfx midi input filter that applies
random midi pitchbends if a selectable note comes in. the GeneralMIDI Notes for snare
are selectable.
This and a little cosmetics in the RS5K Instances (all the pitchbend settings except
for the ones you want) should be set to 0, if you want so.
the notelength and the repeatrate of a midi-pitchbended snare should be taken into account.

i made a demo project
and something to listen to