So , here it is (2024-06-24)
To get an old thing to live again
a more acoustic drumset called salamander drums (~350 MB)
i took the old salamander drums (a set from the Public Domain made by Alexander Holm) and made a descent sampler plugin. All credits go to Alexander.
i "decent-sampled" the drums and a docu preset to make the comments of the old stuff readable
i provide this as dsbundle to install it run the decent sampler and select under 'File..' the ' Show Samples Folder', put the unzipped bundle in there, maybe into a subdirecory of your choice.
2 Presets

Group Mutes, so you can use a multi instances to get propably better results
docu contains some docu

and i made standalone presets for kick snare hihat toms and all the other stuff.

as i'm constantly learning this may not be the last version
the actual thing is running nontheless
have fun

you need ears to listen to that
you can load the reaper project (using decent sampler in the vst version)
for the first demo here (right click, save as)

released under CC-BY-SA-3.0
the original ist here

you can load the original SFZ here
questions ? ask here
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